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The company has started its activity since 1394 and is one of the knowledge expression companies in the field of electrical connectors. Expert and experienced team is one of the most important parameters of Karen Company.

Central idea: design and production of electrical and telecommunication connectors

Key activities: Design, production and testing of various types of electrical connectors and wires in the fields of solar, automotive, medical, telecommunications, rail, oil and gas, Russian, industrial and ...

Company registration: Private Joint Stock - 1394/05/24 - 55343

National ID: 14005148323

Managing Director: Alireza Soleimani



about us

Business and Customer Relations Unit of Karen Company 35425545-051 Internal 17

Tel: 05135425545

Fax: 05135422823

Managing Director Alireza Soleimani: 09155181148



Address: Mashhad Science and Technology Park

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Why choose us

1- Has an expert and experienced team

2- Familiarity with the standards of electrical connectors

3- Has a specialized connector laboratory

4- Ability to produce custom connectors based on customer needs

5. Has a guarantee and warranty

 Karen Engineering Group has been established with the most experienced engineers in the field of connectors and wires with 20 years of experience in this field and with the aim of meeting the domestic needs of our beloved country Iran in the field of various connectors and wires. Karen Engineering Group has valuable experience in The field of design, manufacture, supply and testing of various types of connectors. Full knowledge of connector standards and familiarity with the latest technologies in this field is one of the most important advantages of Karen Engineering Group. The strategy of Karen Engineering Group is to increase customers' knowledge in the field of connectors as a very important product, which makes the best choice in the field of connectors. Karen Engineering Group has tried to provide the latest information in the field of connectors and wire handles to its customers by designing this site. This information includes a complete knowledge of the connector, familiarity with the types of its categories, as well as familiarity with the categories of different types of chapin and headquarters arrangement, relative knowledge of the types of coatings used in the connector and familiarity with the standards of different countries, especially the United States. Is a wire handle. We hope that this information can help customers, albeit a little, and meet some of the basic needs of our beloved country Iran. The most important principle in Karen Engineering Group is the design and implementation of a capable and capable engineering group based on the principles and foundations of knowledge and does its best to achieve this.